Indiana USSSA Baseball 2024 Rules Information

2023-2024 USSSA Indiana Rules (Click here)

NOTE: Metal spikes: TURF FIELD RULE – ALL players at ALL ages are not allowed to wear metal cleats on a turf playing surface at USSSA events in Indiana. Players caught breaking this rule will be EJECTED for the remainder of the game.
a. Metal cleats are not allowed in the outfield on fields that have turf infields.
b. Metal Cleats for 13 and 14u WILL NOT be allowed on any portable pitching mounds. The pitcher will be removed from the pitching position if caught wearing metal cleats on a portable pitching mound.
a. 7u – 12u are not allowed to wear metal cleats on ANY playing surface!


2023-24 USSSA National Rules (Click Here)

NOTE: Area Directors may elect to impose stricter bat rules at 13U & 14U given it is noted on event website or game schedule

2024 National Rule Changes for Baseball (Effective 8/1/2023)

  • 7.01.N Forfeits – If a team forfeits for any reason other than pitching, they are removed from the event and placed in last place.
    7.01.N.1 If a team forfeits for a pitching violation in pool play, the game is forfeited, and the team will be the last seed
    based on teams with the same record for bracket play.
    7.01.N.2 The violating pitcher will not be allowed to pitch for the remainder of the event.
    7.01.N.3 If a team forfeits in a winner’s bracket game, they will be moved to the loser’s bracket.
    7.01.N.4 If a team forfeits in an elimination game, they will be removed from the event.
    7.01.N.5 Anytime a team is discovered to have committed a pitching violation, the team manager will be removed from
    the complex for the remainder of the event. This penalty is enforced regardless if a protest was made.
  • 7.02.J Any coach coaching a base must either be 18 years of age or wear a protective helmet. Only adults will be allowed to be
    pitching coaches in Machine Pitch or Coach Pitch events.
  • 15.02 The minimum age to umpire tournaments will be 15 years of age or the minimum age mandated by the local state they are calling in.
    The minimum age to umpire in a league program will be determined by the local league.

Guest Player Rules Information

Guest Player Guidelines & Help Documents (Click Here)



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